Memorandum Of Agreement For Use Of Land

7 Landowner: – Housekeeper Date for Common Garden X: Community Garden Coordinator Date For more information on land leases, please contact legal counsel. Contract for the use of land type land use contract between Community Garden X and renter X M. X (the owner) agrees to pay the free portion of his land at the address. Description: The leased part of the owner`s property (the property) is total – square foot. It adjoins A on the south side, B on the west side. On the north side, the property of C. The east side of the land is bordered/bordered by D. Property Use: The land should be used as a public communal garden with leased land, managed by the tenant. Duration: The lease starts at `date` and extends to `date`. 6 The licensee further protects and defends the owner without injury and without damage of all debts and claims against the lessor, including fines, penalties and interest, in any way resulting from non-deduction, withholding or contribution of federal or national income, taxes, federal or regional pension contributions.

Employment insurance premiums, security and insurance contributions and contributions under federal or provincial social insurance or income security programs. The licensee accepts that the compensation contained in this agreement is not affected by the termination of this agreement and that it will survive it. Renunciation of the responsibility of gardeners: gardeners sign a waiver of responsibility, which considers the community garden and the lessor to be harmless to all debts and claims against the lessor and Collective Garden X for personal injury, including death, to persons and/or damage to a person`s property resulting from the actions or omissions of the tenant or agent, agent, participant in the sponsored program or employee of the tenant/landlord under this contract. 3 Der Tennant has the right to make improvements at the tenant`s expense that are usually associated with community gardens (including fences, warehouses, raised flowerbeds, compost bins, billboard walls, signs, seats, multi-year plantings and existing cut trees). If this tenancy agreement is not renewed at any time, the tenant has the right to remove all structures or improvements that have been made to the property (but are not obliged to do so). At the end of the agreement, the site will be returned to the owner in an orderly and orderly condition. Rules and rules: Alcoholic beverages, drugs or illegal activities are never allowed on premises. The tenant agrees to act legally and will work at all times in accordance with the municipality`s statutes and zoom codes.

. 2 This lease is verified on the termination date mentioned above with the possibility of an extension each year according to the landlord`s wishes. The extension option is communicated by written notification 90 days before the expiry of the period. Owner`s rights and obligations: the owner undertakes full responsibility for all property taxes. The owner has the right to enter the property at any time for inspection. Tenant rights and obligations: the tenant is committed to preserving the property. The tenant will provide water for the garden from a spring outside the lot. The tenant agrees to be responsible for the total disposal of the property`s waste.